Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Media Frenzy

Coming into USM's high school journalism program I knew we would be working with different types of media. Everyday we are assigned a different type and so far I have done a newspaper article and photography. I really do love writing and I had a lot of fun doing my piece. I was led to the student newspaper room which is a basement. It was so quiet and so secluded. I really felt like I was a legit writer. Before coming here I just knew that I would  have a better newspaper article than anything else since  that's what I'm most familiar with. I think I was wrong. I did receive some praise for my article but when I did photography it was really exciting and new. I came in expecting to be the worst photographer here. I really did surprise myself. For me and my lack of knowledge, I actually think I did really well. I had so much fun. Right after we looked at the photos, my newspaper teacher texted me and asked me how things were going. I told her about my new found love for photography and I even built up enough confidence to ask her could I be in charge of photography next year. She said, "ABSOLUTELY." I am so excited and I'm trying to absorb as much knowledge as I possibly can so that I can take what I've learned and make my school's newspaper better. I do plan on asking Dr. Coleman (photography teacher) for some pointers and a lot of advice. By the end of this program he will probably be tired of me  because I plan on asking him as many questions as possible.  I'm very proud that I did asked my teacher for such a position. I really think I can go far with photography!

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