Friday, June 10, 2011


"It'll be alright, you'll, make new friends," I was told. Coming into this program I was beyond excited about it. I was shopping for new clothing, brushing up on my grammar, and buying things to bring with me. What I didn't realize until I had gotten here was that I was going to be around people I had never met in my life! I was so nervous. I remember coming to the opening dinner and meeting everyone and hearing Dr. LeDuff say, "You roommate is already here." Immediately I started to wonder things like would she be like my friends or would she be mean. I knew that it would take time to make friends but I was way too impatient for that. I mean this opportunity is amazing. Very rarely do high school students get to study under college professors in the field they want to pursue. I was lucky!  However, people tend to want to share these events with other people and I couldn't because I didn't know anyone but that all changed.

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